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Renew AC may be a newer program, but the County of Alameda has selected a seasoned professional to manage it – Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley. Habitat has not only built new homes from the ground up, but has completed hundreds of home improvement projects throughout the Bay Area.

A Renew Success Story: James & Brenda

James and Brenda bought their San Leandro condominium after they married 20 years ago. Recently, though, their aging home had presented a health and safety hazard – particularly for James, who lives with chronic asthma, COPD, and sinusitis.

James and Brenda connected with Habitat East Bay/Silicon Valley’s Home Preservation Program through Renew Alameda County, a program offering low-interest, deferred payment loans to low-income homeowners to assist with home improvement and repair. Habitat was able to facilitate a full renovation of James and Brenda’s home, including installing walk-in tubs and other amenities to make the space more senior-friendly and, critically, replacing an old heating system, window screens, and carpeting that were magnets for dust, dander and allergens – all of which aggravated James’s health conditions.

“The repairs done have already made a huge difference in his daily existence,” says Brenda, who has observed a steep reduction in her husband’s respiratory issues. James now coughs less than before, breathes more easily, experiences less sinus irritation, and feels more energetic. But he is not the only one who benefits from the repairs. Both Brenda and James feel an improved ease and quality of life. “I move from room to room with a smile on my face in gratitude and appreciation,” says Brenda. James agrees, pointing out that without this program, “this could have never been possible. It is like waking up to a new life.”


“This program is necessary, amazing, and absolutely essential for the health and safety of aging seniors.” -James Powell

“God sent this program and these people into our lives when we most needed it, couldn’t afford it, and least expected it!” -Brenda Bailey

Next Steps to Apply

Questions about Renew AC? Curious if you are eligible? Submit a Request for Service form today, and a member of Habitat’s staff will help you get started!

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